Favorites (off Start Menu) Don't Open In New Window Anymore



Hi all ... this one is bugging the living daylights outta me!

I just migrated from a machine running WinXP, SP2 to another SP2 box.
I copied my Favorites from the old machine's Documents and
Settings\MyUser\Favorites folder to the new machine's identical folder.
My Favorites come up and work just fine (on new machine) both from the
Start Menu (with Display Favorities) and the IE6 Favorites menu, but
with one tiny glitch.

On my old computer, when opened off an IE6 window's Favorites menu, the
desired page would open inside the window with focus. When opened off
the Start:Favorites menu, IE6 would launch a new window, then open the
page in that new window. I have gotten used to this behavior.

Now, on my new machine, when I open off Start:Favorites, the new page
loads inside my first open window, which usually contains stuff I don't
want to lose! It doesn't even open in the window that currently has
focus. Same happens if I open Win. Explorer and double click on
Favorites inside Documents and Settings\Myuser\Favorites. There must
be a checkbox or registry entry somewhere that controls this, but I
have looked and looked and cannot find it!

What the ___ ??????????


Don Varnau

From IE> Tools> Internet Options> Advanced> Browsing> uncheck "Reuse windows
for launching shortcuts."

This article has some additional information:
241911- Description of the Reuse Windows for Launching Shortcuts Setting in
Internet Explorer 5.01


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