Export contacts in XML



I would like to export my contacts from Outlook express in a xml's file.
I know if possibile to export in CSV than convert with excel to xml, but
what I would like do it with a single step.
I've looked for 3D part sw, but I haven't results,


tillman1952 said:
This forum is for questions on Outlook, not Outlook Express. They
aren't the same application. Sorry

That said, I don't believe it's possible to export XML from Outlook
Well, it is possibile with outlook2007 to export contacts in XML?

Karl Timmermans

This may be of interest

Outlook Data Export
(released under GNU General Public License)

Not related to ContactGenie and know nothing about this program other than
its description. Unfortunately the first (and, so far, only) attempt to
install failed but cause of failure could just as easily been the system
involved at the time - just no time to pursue it further at the moment. By
the same token, one short review I did read about it had only good things to
say about it as it related to XML so..................... (does sound like
this is an Outlook '2007 specific addin)

If you do try this program, am sure others (myself included) would be
interested in your experience with it so don't hesitate to post back.

Karl Timmermans - The Claxton Group
ContactGenie - QuickPort/DataPort/Exporter/Toolkit/Duplicate Contact Mgr
"Contact import/export/data management tools for Outlook '2000/2010"

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