Excel Excel 2010 take data from one spreadsheet to paste to another

Aug 30, 2012
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I have been trying to figure out how to do this for a couple of days now.

Let me give you a broad description of the spreadsheet. It is a call sheet where I enter all information (caller, number, message, problems, etc.) that has 35 columns.

My staff would like me to narrow things down more because we go by fiscal dates and seeing as we get 200-400 calls per period, the spreadhseet gets very long (13 month fiscal). I want to be able to extract all the information onto another spreadsheet matching the period. (i.e. all period 1 calls to be put on one spreadsheet, period 2 on another; where in the end, I will have 13 spreadsheets). I also want to keep the main sheet as is for stat purposes.

I do not want to use the filter because it will confuse my staff (don't ask....). They want to be able to go to the period and print and go from there.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I appreciate all the help.


Mar 20, 2012
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You would probably want to use PivotTables. These give you the ability to have data (almost) automatically pull in to a table that you pre-configure. You would select the source range and choose Insert | PivotTable (Make sure to leave extra rows in there for data to be added later). You can create this in a new worksheet and add filters and columns as needed. The only step required after that would be to refresh the table (which, if I remember correctly, happens automatically on save). the essentials for PivotTables can be found here.

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