Excel 2007 out of memory



I am running Excel 2007 on my laptop and seeming randomly I am encountering
memory problems. My assumption is that the problem is a memory leak within
Excel and has nothing to do with the total overall memory of the system.

Error Message: Excel can not open workbook with available resources

Symptoms: Excel will either open the notebook, graying out portions of the
screen or toolbar, making them unviewable -OR- will attempt to recover the
workbook showing only values with no formatting or formulas.

Workarounds include: Closing all spreadsheets or rebooting machine
temporarily resolves issues most of but not all of the time.

I am looking for a way to permanently resolve this issue so that it will not
affect my productivity. Excel 2007, even on this decently fast system takes
a long time to start and rebooting takes longer.

Lenovo Thinkpad T60
20GB free HD space
Attached 22" monitor extended on laptop display
Windows XP SP2 patched to current
Excel 2007

The number of workbooks open, worksheets in each book, macros, formulas,
etc... does not seem to affect the problem. It happens
inconsistently...sometimes when I open a known working spreadsheet after a
reboot and sometimes after having the same spreadsheet open several times
throughout the day. Sometimes with no other workbooks open and sometimes
with 5. Sometimes changing the zoom on all sheets to 100% fixes the problem,
sometimes it doesn't. Basically I haven't been able to find any consistency
with the problem. Occassionally closing excel and re-opening fixes the
problem, sometimes it doesn't and requires a reboot.

System memory utilization is always low...never over 50% for all
applications and processes. Usually the only things I have open are e-mail
and excel but occassionally it will happen with only one small spreadsheet
open and no other applications open.

The only applications running in the background are .net framework, java,
McAffee VS, and ATI display tools.

I have searched all over the internet and have not been able to find anybody
having this problem with similar symptoms.

Leon Glover

I get the "out of memory" error from Excel 2007 when I attempt to start it

My machine configuration is:
Dell Latitude D820 with 2 GB of memory (1 GB of memory free at the time of
starting up Excel), Windows XP sp3; I have office 2003 installed as well as
office 2007 installed. I did install the Solver for excel 2007 (it did not
make a difference if it was installed or not).

Does anyone have an idea why this is happening? How can I get access to an
error log the Excel might be outputting as it attempts to start up.

Clearly, the software is having problems not a lack of memory. If it does
need 1GB of memory to start, then the software is stunningly bloated!

Any ideas / suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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