Excel 2007: does not calculate formulas


Lars Stormlund

We have this error periodically for multiple users, that Excel does not
calculate the formulaes in a Excel file - from time to time. All are set for
autocalculation, but
Excel seems to completely ignore this. Even a "=2+2" displays 0. Editing the
cell (Pressing F2 followed by Enter) remedy the situation, but only for that
particular cell. Very strange.

The files are in Excel 2007 format running off a 64-bit Windows 2003 R2
Terminal Server farm. The errors are daily reported from multiple users, and
does not seem related to ressource strain or specific Excel sheets.

All Office updates are installed.

It "seems" that this error has begun during May - have not investigated
Office updates yet ...

Any ideas or comments on similar experiences will be greatly appreciated.



Dave Peterson

I've never seen this in real life, but from reading the newsgroup posts, the
problem doesn't seem to be limited to xl2007.

One suggestion is to select all the cells and then do an edit|replace (or
equivalent in xl2007):

what: =
with: =
replace all

It'll force excel to reevaluate each formula -- since each is "changing".

Maybe it'll wake up excel's calculation engine.

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