Excel 2007 SP1 - VBA "Calculate" cannot be relied on!


Ron West

Referring to my post "Excel 2007 SP1 - How to do F9 in VBA code?" in
microsoft.public.excel.misc , it seems that VBA "Calculate" cannot be relied
on when using Reuters RtGet() libraries.

Pressing F9 does an immediate recalculate/refresh - but looping through
repetitive "Calculate" statements in VBA code does NOT refresh the Reuters
data cells.

If this is a bug in Excel 2007 SP1 (and not my fault somehow), then
Microsoft MUST FIX IT FOR SP2, else Excel will be worthless in major parts of
the Investment Banking world.



Charles Williams

Application.Calculate works fine for me in Excel 2007.

I suspect the problem is either in your vba code or the way your system is
setup or in the Reuters functions.
(Reuters functions are believed to do something strange like rewriting
themselves after a Calculation event)

Its hard to pin down without closer inspection.

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