Formula problem in Excel 2007


Mike Magna

I am a very experienced Excel user but new to Office 2007. Tried to enter a
simple reference formula, for instance in cell c4 I typed =a2+1. Instead of
working properly, the cell showed the formula as text. For some cells it
worked, once only, but as soon as I changed the reference, it failed again.
This is extremely frustrating and any help would be appreciated.


Mike I have tried to replicate your problem in EXCEL 2007 and this is what I

- cell C4 is formatted as General

- now in cell C 4 I type:-


- cell C 4 now displays the number 1

- cell A 2 is blank

Now if I type 20 in cell A 2 I get:-


- in cell C 4.

As far as I can see I cannot replicate your problem.

Please hit Yes if my comments have helped.


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