Formulas not calculating when values are entered.


Todd Blake

I have a spreadsheet that is fairly large with lots of internal linking and
simple adding and subtracting formulas. I encountered an excel error message
stating that excel had to close and would I like a new version saved to keep
the work I had done. So, I did and saved it and was able to reopen the
spreadsheet fine, but now when I enter a value the formulas are not
calculating unless I double click the cell containing the formula, then it
calculates. I also found that the cell will calculate if I hit save? Has
anyone experienced this and have a fix for it?

garfield-n-odie [MVP]

In Excel 2007, click on Office Button | Excel Options | Formulas
| click the "Automatic" radio button | OK.

In Excel 2003 or earlier, click on Tools | Options | Calculation
tab | click the "Automatic" radio button | OK.

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