Excel 2007 crash on exit



Every time I exit Excel 2007 I get a message saying Excel has had a problem
and needs to close after which it restarts the program.
Otherwise the program seems to run and funtion normally.

I'm running Vista, with all updates, office has all the patches I know of,
and I've run the office diagnostic with no problems found.

Any suggestions appreciated.


Thank you Jan. It was a Sage 2009 COM add in causing the problem. Now it's
disabled, all is well.


I have a similar problem with Excel 2007.

Upon startup and exiting (regardless if a file is opened or not) I get that
dialog box. If I check the restart checkbox, and it reopens, the program
seems to operate normally until I try to close it.

What I find strange, is that program is still there at all after I selected
"not available" for Excel in Add/Remove Programs as an attempted solution.

I followed your posted link and was able to open a blank workbook with the
automation and safe mode extensions. However this doesn't fix the problem
because the dialog box still appears whenever I exit.

Frankly I don't know what could have triggered it. Since Excel's last
normal operation, I didn't apply any new add-ins or updates.

The only the non-routine activity I performed was saving a chart as various
file types and using full screen mode/zoom.

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