Event ID 1042, Source DHCPServer


Mark Pack

Just wanted to post this for anyone looking as I ended up spending
$245 calling MS PSS to find this simple answer.

We have an NT4 domain and a new AD domain that both have DHCP servers.
For some reason one of the DHCP servers in our NT4 domain started
getting event id 1042 and would not hand out any IP addresses. The
error states that it has found that it is not authorized in our AD
DHCP environment. Looking on our AD DHCP servers, this server was in
fact authorized. We even unauthorized it and then re-authorized it
but that didn't fix it.

MS's Fix (reghack):

You have to add a DWORD value called "DisableRogueDetection" and give
it a value of 1 to the following:
Then Reboot.

This fixed the problem for us.

Hope this helps anyone having this error.



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