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About 3 months ago we were running a winNT4.0 domain. A
migration to active directory was planned for the future
so DNS, DHCP and WINS was moved to a win2000 server. The
move went smoothly and everything worked fine for a while,
but then the service stopped all together. Upon
restarting the service, the DHCP gave a startup error
saying "the dhcp server couldn't be authorized". We were
still running the winNT network so this shouldn't have
been happening. The only way I could find to solve the
problem was to use the following command to force the
authorization of the service....

netsh dhcp server initiate auth

Recently the domain was migrated to AD. The DHCP service
was working for several weeks after the upgrade.
Eventually it had to be restarted and it could not be
authorized within the domain upon restart. The same netsh
command had to be used to reauthorize the service.
Eventually it had to be restarted again and would not
authorize itself with the netsh command.

This time a registry key was changed to disable DHCP
authorization. The DHCP service started and everything
was working fine.

The following error appears in the event viewer whenever
an authorization is attempted through the DHCP console.

Event ID: 1051
The DHCP/BINL service has determined that it is not
authorized to service clients on this network for the
windows domain: mydomain.com

Does anyone have an idea of what is happening?

I would like to set DHCP servers to be authorized within
the zone again, but our current server still won't
authorize it.



Ravi Kishore Terala [MSFT]

You just ran out of grace period. Logon with the domain administrator
account and use the snapin to authorize the server. Things will start
working again.




Larry Brasher

Hello Bob,

Since you have recently moved to an AD domain, you must logon as Enterprise
Admin in order to authrize the server.

300429.KB.EN-US HOW TO: Install and Configure a DHCP Server in an Active

Shane Brasher
MCSE (2000,NT),MCSA, A+
Microsoft Platforms Support
Windows NT/2000 Networking

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