Error waiting for another program to finish OLE link

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We seem to have the problem when there is an OLE link between word and excel,
if word is closed first we get the error message "Waiting for Another program
to finish OLE Link" in excel. The excel program hangs, and we end up having
to end task on excel in task manager.

The way we paste the link is using paste special, paste link, Microsoft
Office Excel 2003 Worksheet Object. Bitmap doesn't seem to cause the
problem, but when we use the bitmap option to copy graphs, they graphs appear
fuzzy, which is not acceptible when we have to send them to clients. The
other problem when we use other formats when printed it does not keep the
correct size.

We have Office 2007, but all files are saved in the *.doc and *.xls formats
since some of the programs we use are still not fully integrated with Office

Does anyone have any ideas on this? I've done several searches online and
have not been able to find a solution.



Instead of using copy/paste link, save the bitmap/JPEG and then have a
separate application import it.

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