error message; print problem



The following began appearing about/after the time I transferred info from
one computer to another:

1) at the close of Microsoft Word 2002 (Microsoft Windows XP Professional),
the following appears:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error
Program: C:\Program files\Microsoft Office\Office 10\WINWORD.EXE
abnormal program termination

2) After printing 1 or 2 docs with HP psc 1315 all in one, no further docs
print (they appear in HP window waiting to print) unless, until I shut down
both printer and computer, restart both, then the docs print automatically.
I've since removed and re-installed the hp software, but still have printing
This printing prob started about time the Error Message started




It appears that your Microsoft Office has some corrupt or missing files in
your programs file folder. I would recommend backing up all your information
and uninstalling and re-installing Office. Just to have a better
understanding, did you try modifying anything in Word in terms of Macros?

Hope this info helps,


Yes, I did look to create some (shortcut) Macros, but could not figure it
out; the original ones (key board types for certain words/phrase) were lost
when the transfer was done.

Stefan Blom

Since you have been experimenting with macros, try renaming the Normal
template (with Word closed). Does that make a difference?

To locate the Normal template, you can search for it in Windows (Windows key
+ F). Be sure to search hidden files and folders.


I don't know what "Normal template" is, and don't understand how to do this -
perhaps you can explain, give further direction/instruction. Thanks.


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