Error message caused my defender when scanning msmpeng.exe - no di




one one Pc when running a scan the scan gets to this folder
c:\documents and

then a window comes up saying..... "there is no disk in the drive. please
insert an disk into drive \device\harddisk\dr1 .. there is cancel try again
or continue buttons..
.. the title on the popup window is msmpeng.exe - no disk

it seems to constanty go round in a loop then... and windows really has to
be rebooted...

anyone any ideas ?



Bill Sanderson

Is this a Windows 2000 SP4 machine?

What other removable drives are there--this doesn't seem to be referring to
a floppy--but is there, for example, a memory card reader on this machine?

I believe this is a bug, but I don't know the status of it, in terms of when
to expect a fix.

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