Error launching programs in Program Files or shortcuts



So my computer didn't shut down properly one night and I got an error
message. When I rebooted my computer all seemed fine except when I tried to
launch a program via a shortcut or use the shortcut icons under the "Start"
button, I'd get a weird result. Instead of launching the program I would get
a new folder saying "Open with....." with a bunch of other programs to
launch it like Photoshop, Word, etc. instead of recognizing the programs own
launcher. I can browse the folders and finally find the right .exe file but
some programs are still not running properly even when I select it through
this "Open with....." method. Something is obviously corrupted but the
computer still works. I'd rather not reinstall everything unless I have to.
Any ideas on what to fix?




Brill said:
Well I tried the link fix and the problem still persists

What was the crux of the error message? Have any new icons shown up in
the tray area of the Taskbar? I'm leaning towards malware..




Well I tried the link fix and the problem still persists

Elmo is leaning towards malware so please do this:

Perform some scans for malicious software, then fix any remaining

Download, install, update and do a full scan with these free malware
detection programs:

Malwarebytes (MBAM):
SUPERAntiSpyware: (SAS):

They can be uninstalled later if desired.

After the scans run clean, can you pick a thing or two from the Start
menu that doesn't work anymore?

You said shortcut icons under the Start button, so do you mean the
shortcuts in the Quick Launch area to the right of the Start button or
things from the Start, Programs list? Please supply a specific
example and what happens when you try to launch one item.

If you right click the Start button, Properties, are you using the
Start menu or Classic Start menu?

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