Equation Editor 3.0 annoying bug! Please help

Mar 8, 2011
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Recently I have encountered with an annoying bug in Equation Editor 3.0. My problem is described in the following:

Long time ago, I created a word document using Microsoft Office Word 2007 which contains a lot of equations, and I typed all of them with Equation Editor 3.0. After a while, I came back to my file to edit some equations. The appearance of all equations was what I had typed, but when I double clicked one of the equations to edit, I saw a different equation which was available in my file but not on that position. That was a great surprise! All equations had the same problem. When I double clicked each, I saw a different one. Indeed, in my file, each equation seems correct but until It has not been double clicked to edit.

Is there anybody who has encountered with the same problem or know how to fix it...?When I open my mentioned .docx document on a different system, Its bug remains. When I convert it to Latex, latex translates each equation to what I see after double click!! I don’t have any idea what to do! I think this maybe help. The volume of my file is large, both in number of pages and equations, and I have no file in my system with the same problem!!!

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