Equations in Word 2007


Foggy Bayou

I am having difficulties with both equation captions and cross-referencing in
Word 2007. I wish to have my equations numbered as;

Equation (1)
Equation (2)
Equation (3)

and so forth but in Word 2007 I cannot get parentheses to appear and it is
making my equation numbering sequence appear as part of my overall outline
numbering. I want the equations in my dissertation document to appear in
simple numerical order without reference to the section number (e.g., 2.2.3).
Also I just want Eqn. x to appear in the cross-reference not Equation.
There was a Word 2007 posting on Microsoft about setting up tables for
equations to get the desired format but this seems overly involved and I
prefer to write and edit my equations with MS Equation 3.0.


It's just another case where Microsoft is trying to change centuries old
typographical standards. It's been an obvious thing to add for many version
now. I've had a look in Word 2007 and don't see any changes to captions so I
assume it still can't be done.

Bob Mathews

Dear Foggy,

You said you prefer to write and edit your equations with MS Equation
3.0, so I wanted to point out that the upgrade to that equation editor
-- MathType -- has an automatic (but optional) numbering feature.
Number and reference your equations however you want, with or without
chapter & section numbers. If you add an equation, all numbers &
references below that point update accordingly.

30-day trial available by download if you want to try it out.

Bob Mathews
Director of Training
Design Science, Inc.
bobm at dessci.com
FREE fully-functional 30-day evaluation of MathType
MathType, MathFlow, MathPlayer, MathDaisy, Equation Editor

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