Citations + Auto-numbered Equations



I think Yves may be able to answer this! I've installed the ISO 690 Numerical
Extension that Yves created and can now have bracketed citation numbers.
Oddly though, the bibliography list has double-numbers (i.e., [1][1], [2][2],
etc.). It's bothersome, but I can do a temp fix. NOW the question is that I
have auto-numbered my equations but how do I cross-reference them in the body
of the document without pulling in the actual equation? I chose "Only Label
and Number" but it still pulls in the equation. Also, how can I add
parentheses around the equation numbering? I'd like to keep the
cross-references, the bibliography and equation numbering all "active" so
that if things move around, I can easily update the numbering using Alt+F9.
Is this possible? Thanks for any help you could offer.

Yves Dhondt

How did you insert the bibliography? Assuming you got the copy from it
is not possible for it to display the indices twice in your bibliography.
There is only one reference to RefOrder in the entire bibliography section.
Are you by any chance trying to insert them as a list or something? What
happens if you display the field code (ALT+F9) rather than the output?

Assuming you numbered your equations using the method described in,
you will have to select the number you want to refer to in your text and
create a bookmark for it. Then, in your list of cross-references, you will
have to select that bookmark. If you created your numbers differently, it
probably is still possible to add a bookmark to the numbers only and refer
to that in your cross-reference.


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