Converting my OMML equations back to editor 3.0


Yannick D.


I have been using Word 2007 and its new equation editor (OMML from what I
have read...) Problem is, I need to convert my equations back to the old
format editor 3.0 (Word 2003 equation editor). I already know I can retype
everything manually; I was just wondering if you had a solution to automatize
the process and spare me countless hours of retyping!!

Thank you very much

Pesach Shelnitz

Hi Yannick,

In Word 2007, you can save your Word 2007 document with equations as a Word
97-2003 document. Word won't convert your equations to the old format, but it
will create an accurate graphic represenation each of your equations in the
converted file. Thus, you can have a Word 2003-compatible file that displays
your equations, but you won't be able to edit them in that file.

Another option is to install The Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for
Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats on the computer running Word
2003. The Compatibility Pack enables Word 2003 to open, modify, and save Word
2007 files. It can be downloaded from

Bob Mathews

It's not possible to convert them to Equation Editor 3 format, but it
is possible to convert them to MathType format. Download the 30-day
trial and try it out. For instructions on how to convert the
equations, once MathType is installed, look in MathType Help and
search for "convert equations".

Like Pesach already mentioned, you can save the Word 2007 document as
a Word 2003 document if you want (or download the converters and open
it directly in Word 2003), but the result for the equations is a fuzzy
image. Even if you've already done this though, MathType can turn
those fuzzy images from the OMML equations into nice-looking MathType

Bob Mathews
Director of Training
Design Science, Inc.
bobm at
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