EPSON D92 problem



Hello all,
My EPSON D92 printer says that my cyan and yellow cartridges are empty
when in fact they have been replaced 2 weeks ago and I have not printed
anything in color since then (I checkmark the Black Ink only option when
printing). When I started to print (black ink only), on ink monitor all
cartridges appeared as full, and after 45 pages printed, printer reported a
communication error and after turning off and then on the printer again, the
afore mentioned cartridges appear as empty and no information is given about
the level of the magenta and black cartridges. I was printing text-only
pages and the cartridges are all EPSON originals. I cannot use the print at
this moment due to this problem. I'd appreciate very much any help regarding
this issue.

Thanks in advance,

Arthur Entlich

Try unplugging the printer from the computer (with both off) turning the
printer off and unplugging it for about 30 minutes, and then plugging it
back in, reconnecting it to the computer and turning both on.

If that doesn't do it, turn printer back off, unlock the head lock
manually, move the head carriage to replacement position and remove and
reinstall each cartridge. When you remove each cartridge make sure the
chip area is clean of ink before reinstalling. If necessary clean with
a small amount of isopropyl alcohol with a slightly damped swab.


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