envelope tools window incorrect



I have just upgraded from 2000 to 2003. I use forms that names and addresses
are added to and in the past I have been able to highlight the name and
address, click on Envelopes and Labels, and the address is automatically
inserted into the envelope. Now, when I click on Envelopes and Labels, I get
the Envelope Options/Printing Options window, and not the window where the
address and return address are displayed. I cannot find a way to print the
envelope from the document. I have resorted to copying the name and address
and opening a new document. The Envelopes and Labesl window functions
properly with a new document.

Please help ... and thank you!



Graham Mayor

If this is a protected form, the envelope label function should be greyed
out as it doesn't work in a protected form. Perhaps you can tell us more
about your form and the address in it as there is almost certainly a

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