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Frustrated Word User

I have a client who is having trouble opening specific documents that
are linked together like a little electronic document set. This client
does not have her own PC, rather is connected to a server. Server 2003
Standard Edition.

Most of the docs have a background image and some image and text links.
They are also in Word (2003 version). It is only three of the docs out
of over 30 that are giving her a hard time.

She clicks on a link to open them and instead of the word doc opening,
a blank white page opens in Word, and the infamous Microsoft error
message pops up:

Microsoft has encountered problems and needs to close. "We are sorry
for the inconvenience." There is no error number. No code no other
details I can fish out. I'm no IT pro, so maybe someone else can help.
There were some other details, but I couldn't tell if they were
relevant. Like a ModVer #, AppVer #, Offest, yada yada.

So if anyone has any suggestions, I would certainly appreciate any


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