Embedding Outlook


Jan Hornych

I want to extend my .NET WinForms application with an embedded Outlook
window to provide the user all information he needs at one place, including

I found the Outlook View Control and I have made it work. But it is only the
message list. Folder navigation and message preview are not included as far
as I have found ...

Is there a way to embed also the navigation pane and message preview window
as controls in my form ? I know how to start new Outlook explorers and
inspectors but I want them docked in my window, without the main menu ...

Does Outlook Express provide an ActiveX similar to the Outlook View Control

Thanks for info.




Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

I don't know of any way to do what you want to do without coding it from
scratch. OE provides very little in the way of a programming API. You'd be
best off posting in an OE newsgroup to ask those experts what's available
for OE.

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