Embedding a Template (2007)



Is there a way to embed a template inside the document that it is applied to,
so that it travels with the document?

Right now, when I open the document it references the template Report 2008
as saved in mydocuments; the same document opened on Linda's computer
references her Report 2008 mydocuments template, which came from the same
original source, BUT I have since edited this document in regards to line
spacing, setting it in the template. This does not translate to Linda's
computer and her line spacing is reset to the old spacing.

This document is shared on a document repository, where anyone in the
company can open and make changes to it, but they need to see the same thing
the admin staff does... which is not the case now. Each time someone opens
the file they have to tweak things like line spacing or bulleted lists. How
can we embed or even lock the template in place without restricting
formatting abilities or editing abilities?

Lene Fredborg

Once you have created a document, the styles in the document are an
integrated part of the document. What you describe may be caused by the
setting “Automatically update document styles†being turned on in the
Templates and Add-Ins dialog box. You can access the dialog box via Developer
tab > Document Template. Turn off the setting if it is turned on and click OK.

When “Automatically update document styles†is turned on, all styles in the
document will be updated to the style definitions in the attached template
each time you open the document. You have the attached template in the My
Documents folder. Linda (and others) – as I understand it – have another
version of the template with the same name in the same path. When they open
the document, Word finds the template (but the wrong one) in the expected
location and, if “Automatically update document styles†is turned on, the
styles are updated incorrectly.

You can use “Automatically update document styles†if you really want to
transfer the style definitions from the template to the document. However,
you would most often only want to turn on the setting and click OK to force
an update of the styles and then immediately go back to the dialog box again
and turn off the setting.

Lene Fredborg - Microsoft MVP (Word)
DocTools - Denmark
Document automation - add-ins, macros and templates for Microsoft Word

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