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Hi Folks - What's the most efficient way to edit an existing Word 2003
template? I use one of two methods:

1. In Word, File/New, choose Templates on My Computer option to view all
templates. Then, right-click, then Open. Make changes, then save file
overwriting the existing template. This method requires me to name the
edited template the same name as the old template.

2. Navigate to the folder that contains the template. Right-click on
template, make changes, save. done. This my preferred method, but if you are
not comfortable navigating to the template folder, this technique is

I am in the process of creating documentation that describes the process of
editing an existing template. The documentation targets novice users, so I
need the easiest, and least error-prone technique.



Jay Freedman

Hi Michael,

I would definitely recommend method 2. To make it easier to navigate to the
Templates folder, add it to the Places bar on the left side of the Open dialog.
How you do that depends what versions of Office and Windows you're running --
either there's an entry in the dropdown from the Tools button in the dialog, or
you right-click a blank area in the Places bar.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
Email cannot be acknowledged; please post all follow-ups to the newsgroup so all
may benefit.


Here's another method I found ...

In Word, File/New, choose Templates on My Computer option to view all
templates. Then double-click on any template. This will create a new blank
document based
on the template. Close this doc without saving. (You need to do this step
only once.)

Now, File/Open. Instead of using My Documents, choose My Recent Documents.
This will list your recent documents, PLUS a shortcut to the template
Use the template folder shortcut to open the templates folder, then open the
template, make changes, save and done.

Note: I have seen the templates folder named "Templates" or "1033".

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