Editing config-sys file



I've been getting the folowing message when trying to open certain programs,

"Too many files are currently in use by 16 bit programs. Quit one or more
16-bit programs or increase the value of the FILES command in your
Config-sys file"

Could someone please tell me how to increase the FILES value with VISTA. In
older versions of Windows, I seem to remember it was simply a matter of
typing something like 'edit config-sys' in the 'run' box, to be able to edit
the file. But with VISTA I've had no luck finding the file or using HELP.

I'm running VISTA Home Premium. on a dektop with an AMD Phenom 8450
Tripple-core processor at 2.10 GHz. RAM is 4.0 GB, and the Operating System
is 64-bit.



I'm not using Vista so can't look right now, but Notepad under
"Accessories" or wherever it is is safe to use for text files so find
Notepad and then select "Open" and look in the root directory for
config.sys. Don't use a word processor, they put in spurious characters
when you save and if config.sys still makes a difference you might screw
something else up :)

Don't know if it's still there to be honest or if it even makes a
difference any more but it shouldn't hurt to look and change it.

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