VMC and Dual Monitor setup...



System specs: Vista Ultimate 64 bit SP2, AMD Phenom 8450 Triple-Core Processor 2.10ghz, 4 GB ram, ATI Radeon HD 3200 256mb onboard video HDMI & RGB outs.When I use VMC on my 2nd monitor and maximize it the mouse stays on #2 and i can't move it back to #1.  Is there a way i can get my mouse back to #1?  With other programs I can go back to #1 while maximized.Can you play a screen saver on #2 and work on #1 or vice-versa?

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Gene E. Bloch

Vista Media Center.

It might even be listed inn one of the acronym dictionaries online, or
try define:vmc in Google...

I didn't look in those places myself, since I know the answer, but you
might keep the idea in mind next time.

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