dual processors



I navigated to Start-Admin tools-system config-boot-advanced options and the
tickbox, "Number of processors" is unchecked. I checked it, chose 2
processors, applied, rebooted and did not notice any difference in the boot
time or short term use.
Should I leave them on or uncheck the box?
HP a1700n AMD 64 X2 Duel Core Processor 3800+ 2.00 GHz
4 MB Ram
32 Bit
Vista Home Premium


Dustin Harper

Uncheck the box, it should still recognize both processors. It doesn't need
to be checked to make them work.

Dual core/dual processor doesn't really make a machine "faster". It gives it
more to work with. You can have more programs open with no decrease in
performance, watch a HD movie the same time you are burning a DVD or

David P.

I believe that you should leave it at one. Your computer only has ONE
processor, that happens to be dual-core. That is not the same as having a
motherboard with two CPUs, which do exist. Someone may come along and
correct me on this, but I don't believe that Vista Home Premium can take
advantage of two physical CPUs anyway, but that other Vista versions can.


Dennis how many processors are single threaded and therefore do not get any
benefit from multiple processors. The benefit of multiple processors will
show up if you are running two programs at the same time such as watching TV
and surfing the Internet.

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