Sys restore from usb ext drive-no backup found


Touche'' Techie

Vista Home Premium
I rec'd a new comp. (Gateway) with Vista installed and didn't like the drive
config and wanted dual boot. Started up Vista and did a complete System
Backup to an external/USB attached drive (IOMEGA). I then redid the drives,
installed XP, then went to restore Vista. From a Vista disk, complete system
restore, the external drive is not seen and no appropriate backups are found.
If I reinstall Vista from disk the backup restore program sees the drive and
the backup, but, of-course, cannot do a full sys restore properly while it is
Is this a driver issue?
Dual Boot, drive letter problem?
Is this a problem with only having Home Premium?
I tried creating another partition on the local RAID 5 array and copying the
back-up to it, but can't get it all over because files are in use....

System is now dual boot with XP and Vista Home Premium on a RAID5 volume,
separate partitions for OSs.

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