E-mail preview programs


Barry Karas


RE: E-mail Messages

I use two e-mail preview programs - they both are not 100% accurate although
they used to be. I receive ± 100 messages per day. (I've been using PCs
since the early '90s and was not careful at first 'cause I didn't know
better.) Luckily, the preview programs make it easy to delete junk.

The first program is MailWasher Pro. The second is not really a program but
a web site: that of Adelphia, my ISP. My e-mail program is MS Outlook.

Let's say a preview program indicates that I have 60 e-mail messages. I
delete 50 of them, leaving me 10 messages. Then I download the remaining
messages in Outlook - Outlook downloads 13 e-mail messages. (The reason why
I use two preview programs is that I should to use two to check each other -
and I get the discrepancy with both programs.)

Is there a way to reduce this discrepancy? (I have WinXP Pro w/ SP2)

Thank you,

Barry Karas

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