E-mail preview programs


Barry Karas


I use two e-mail preview programs - they both are not 100% accurate although
they used to be. I receive ± 100 messages per day. (I've been using PCs
since the early '90s and was not careful at first 'cause I didn't know
better.) Luckily, the preview programs make it easy to delete junk.

The first program is MailWasher Pro. The second is not really a program but
a web site: that of Adelphia, my ISP. My e-mail program is MS Outlook.

Let's say a preview program indicates that I have 60 e-mail messages. I
delete 50 of them, leaving me 10 messages. Then I download the remaining
messages in Outlook - Outlook downloads 13 e-mail messages. (The reason why
I use two preview programs is that I should to use two to check each other -
and I get the discrepancy with both programs.)

Is there a way to reduce this discrepancy? (I have WinXP Pro w/ SP2)

Thank you,

Barry Karas

Chuck Davis


As the spam blockers become better, so do the spammers. Different spam
blockers are by definition different and never will be exactly the same. If
they were the same , you wouldn't need to put up with the overhead that they

Outlook 2003 (you didn't mention yours) does a credible job of placing 60 to
70 messages a day into my Junk Mail folder. Easily dumped to the Deleted
items folder which is emptied on closing.

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