Dynamic Disk



hello guys,

i have a Dynamic Disk from my PC "WinXP" that has an error and needs to
reformat and backup all the data. my question is if i try to Import Foreign
Disks "Disk Management" does all my data in the original harddisk will be
totally removed?

i did not know how to work in Dynamic Disk to backup all my data, can you
help me with this?





If you have a CD Burner, Use your burning program to burn all files in the
following directories to disk. The directories to use will be seperated by
Operating System.

- Back up any files that you want to keep that are not in these folders.
These folders should be backed up as a whole.

Windows 95/98/ME:
- C:\Windows\Profiles (If multiple accounts are installed)
- C:\Windows\Desktop
- My Documents Folder (for main account)

Windows XP (Home/Professional):
- C:\Documents and Settings

Also, make a list of all programs that you wish to re-install later. These
can be found in the C:\Program Files directory. Do not burn this directory to
CD's or you will be wasting them. Most of these programs have settings hidden
in the Windows Registry that are required for them to run.

Once backed up, you should be ready to go.

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