DVD's not playing - Cineplayer or Media Center

Oct 24, 2006
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I have a lot of Region 1 DVDs from my time working overseas. I installed DVD Region Killer v2.5 to get around this. However, it didn't work. And now, when I try to play even a Region 2 DVD it doesn't work - either in Cineplayer or thru Media Center (screen goes blank in MC). I have run DECCHECK, and the following shows up :-

Sonic CM(R) DS VideoDecoder 4.0 CinemasterVideo.dll MCE Compatible
GPL MPEG-1/2 Decoder GplMpgDec2.ax
Pinnacle MPEG 2 Decoder PCLEMPEGBox.ax
Pinnacle MPEG 2 Multiplexer PCLEMPEGBox.ax

There are several other Pinnacle Decoders showing.

Has the installation/removal of the DVD Region Killer removed any vital files needed for DVD viewing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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