dvd-burner error



I just reformatted to clean up my system and as snag (as
always) has come up. My dvd burner(lg gma-4020B) does not
want to work, in device manager, it describes the problem

This device is not working properly because Windows
cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)

This has not happened to me with this drive before. I have
gone through Windows update and updated as much as
necessary. I also tried reinstalling the drivers from the
Win2000 cd, and the software cd provided with the burner
(only software, no drivers on cd).

The funny thing is, i have two other cd-rom devices that
work perfectly. A cd burner, and a dvd player.

Currently i have i have gone as far as i can on my own,
and now looking for some help from more knowledgeable

Thanks for your help in advance.




Steve Duff [MVP]

If you are using a manufacturer-specific IDE driver, try first
switching to the Windows "Standard Dual ATA/IDE bus-mastering..."
(whatever - I forget the exact text name.) and reboot.

You can do this by doing an update-driver and then havigating through
'show me all compatible drivers..."

Also make sure that all channels on primary/secondary
are set to "DMA if possible".

Steve Duff, MCSE
Ergodic Systems, Inc.



Glenn D. - Audio & Media

You can try to attach this device alone on a cable, or switch it from master
to slave...

If this doesn't work, try attaching it with your pri master (OS drive).

Still doesn't work? Try the burner in another system... If it still doesn't
work, the device is wasted. Try to get some warranty...

If one of these steps work, it may be sufficient to keep this new setup, or,
if you like your current setup, you can try to uninstall the IDE controllers
from device manager, and reboot. This will force windows to reload the


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