Dual processors in Win 2000 Server?

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Douglas Stevens

A question.

In a dual processor configuration with Win 2K Server, do the two processors
have to be identical?

The situation we had was a dual CPU Compaq Proliant 1600R, with a PIII
500Mhz, and a PIII 550Mhz in it (clocked to the same speeds, I assume, but
you know what they say about assuming anything.) Nothing much out of the
ordinary otherwise (RAM, SCSI, RIB, etc, nothing else.)

This configuration worked under NT4 (Installed before my time, so I don't
know if there was any special stuff on it for the CPUs,) but immediately
after upgrading to Win2000 server (Thankfully, not installed by myself,) it
started hanging. Safe Mode worked (Which to me, points to a driver issue
more than processor,) but full boot wouldn't reliably stay up for more than
twenty - thirty minutes. No BIOS error messages were reported by the
Proliant at any time, although Insight Manager occasionally came up with
spurious memory errors (Which was changed out as a precaution, but didn't
help matters.)

Hardware support pointed at software support, and they pointed back with
equal vigour. Both got their asses kicked by the IT manager.

The outcome was a complete change of the server by the hardware people,
followed by a complete software rebuild by the software guys. The
replacement server had dual 500Mhz and worked fine.

Anyone out there got a clue?

Many thanks.

Doug Stevens.



Bob I

Occasionally you get by without identical steppings on the processors.
Matched Processors AND steppings is what should have been recommended
and used.

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