Driver for HP Photosmart 7660



I have been unable to install my HP Photosmart 7660 onto my laptop running
Vista business. I tried to install the drivers that worked on XP and they
were not compatable. HP said that I would have to use the alternate driver
for vista which is the driver for the Deskjet 5600. The instructions on HPs
website said that I could select the driver from the dialog box in the add
printer wizard but my computer was unable to load the update for vista which
included the HP printer drivers so this driver is not available on my
computer. I then tried to download the driver from HPs website but it said
that the driver was already loaded on vista so I could not download from
them. Ive lost track of the number of times I've had to spend hours finding
a workaround for a hardware compatibility issue with vista. Can anyone tell
me where I can get a driver for my printer or where I can get a free copy of
XP to overwrite the vista that came with my laptop?

Bob F.

Maurice said:
I have the same problem if someone get an answer I would love to know.

Please include enough of the previous message(s) so that others trying to
follow this thread know what you are talking about. Also please try to
"edit out" the non relevant portions. It helps everyone. Go to:
Tools > Options > Send > check - "Include message in reply"

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