HP Printers Duplex Issue - Solution for Back Page Upside Down

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Bob Headrick [MVP]

Some HP printer models have issues printing with an automatic duplexer
in Vista. In these models the back side of the page comes out upside
down regardless of the driver settings. Patches are available for the
following models to correct this issue, they can be downloaded from:

Business InkJet 1000
Business InkJet 1200
Business InkJet 2230
Business InkJet 2280

HP Color InkJet cp1700 (Also addresses large format printing but does
not correct tray selection.) Updated May 2009 to correct margins for
large format printing.

DeskJet 5550 series
DeskJet 5600 series
DeskJet 9800 printer

OfficeJet D series (D135, D145, D155)
OfficeJet 6100 series
OfficeJet 7130
OfficeJet 7140
OfficeJet 7210
OfficeJet 7310
OfficeJet 7410

Photosmart 2610
Photosmart 2710
Photosmart 3110
Photosmart 3210
Photosmart 3310
Photosmart 8100 series
Photosmart 8200 series
Photosmart 8400 series

Bob Headrick, MS MVP Printing/Imaging

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