Does Pocket PC 2003 support .NET Compact Framework 2.0



Hi All,

Am building a PDA application for Windows Mobile 5.0 in VS2005.I
just want to know whether Pocket PC 2003 supports .NET 2.0 so that whether i
can use VS2005 to target Pocket PC 2003 or should i rewrite the application
in VS2003.

By default Pocket PC 2003 support 1.1 CF.Is it possible to upgrade
the CF version to 2.0 in Pocket PC 2003.


Peter Foot [MVP]

Yes, you can install .NETCF v2.0 onto Pocket PC 2003 - this is the oldest
version of Pocket PC supported. Visual Studio 2005 contains project
templates to create a .NETCF v2.0 project for Pocket PC 2003 and will
automatically deploy the runtime for you if not already present when you


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