Documents on shared nw folder can't be opened - locked for editing


Dave D

Office documents (word, excel, access, it doesn't matter) can be created on a
workgroup network share but can't be re-opened -- "locked for editing by
'another user'.

Share is on an XP machine. Workstations running Vista SP2. Office 2007.

I cleaned temp files, shutdown backups, firewalls, virus
protection...everything. Security is thrown wide open (Everyone = Full

Creating and opening other file types (RTF, TXT, etc) works fine.

The strange thing is, if you attempt to open a document and get the "
locked" dialog, click cancel, and close Word, the file stays open (according
to psfile running on the workstation that hosts the share.

This exact configuration except using XP Pro and Office 2003, worked fine.
It wasn't until we "upgraded" that things went south.

I'm stumped. Anyone with an idea???


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