Template locked for editing by another user error when using netwo




I have a Word 2007 template located in my network folder
(E:\templates\test.dotx). If I create a regular document from the template
and save it in my local drive (C:\abc.docx), next time when I open abc.docx
file I get the "test.dotx is locked for editing by 'another user'" message
and I can open abc.docx only in read only or local copy etc modes.

The template file is not used by any other person, and I can delete/rename
the file after closing the Word program. If I try to delete the template file
while the error message is displayed, I get the message " The file is used by
Microsoft Office Word" and it cannot be deleted.

I copied the template to my local drive and created a docx from it, and the
error did not occur. It looks like the problem is related to using network
folders but I was not able to find any solutions from Google or MSDN. The
problem happens on both dotx and dotm. Cleaning out temp files and disabling
the anti virus program did not help.

Did anyone had this problem and found a solution, would you share it with
me? I appreciate any comments in advance.

-- mk

Graham Mayor

Do you have read and write access to the network folder, or just read

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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Graham Mayor

The issue undoubtedly concerns the fact that when you create a document in
the network folder a lock file is created and when you close the document
the lock file is not being released, so when you try to open the document
again it appears to be opened by another user. This suggests a permissions
issue relating to your network folder.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

My web site www.gmayor.com

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Hi Graham,

Thank you for the reply. Would you explain me more about the lock file,
where it gets created, and the file names etc, so that I can explain my
network service team regarding proper permissions?

Thank you,

-- mk


I have domain admin access to the folder. I can't seem to understand why it
would be permissions. Your article about temporary locked files doesn't
cover anything about persmissions.


I've got the exact same problem, and all my googling and fiddling have
made no difference... If anyone has a way of fixing this it would be
greatly appreciated...



Same problem here. Says the file is in use by another user but nobody has it
open. This has been happening for a while and nobody seems to have an
answer. Eventually the server that the file lives on "releases" it and it
can be written to again. Problem is that sometimes this takes all night.

Carolyn S

I had the same problem, and found an easy solution. (Note that I have to
save documents in 1997-2003 format because other users don't have Office 2007
yet.) When you are saving the template, look at the dropdown box - rather
than saving as Word template, save as a Word 1997-2003 template. That
resolved the problem with documents created from the template.



We've been puzzled by this peculiarity, too. It happens both in the case of
students using workgroup templates, and using templates they've created in
their own templates folder (both are stored on the server (Server 2008). The
student workstations are Vista. They all have read/write access to both

Since our entire environment is using Word 2007, it doesn't make sense for
us to use word 2003 templates--nor do I see why we should have to.

It seems to me there's something conceptually different about Word 2007
templates than Word 2003 templates, which has not been made clear. Please
could someone enlighten us?


Same thing here. Somehow someone on our network was able to get into our
template that is linked to an office master spec (about 50 word docs) and
change some of the formatting. Now when I open the template and change the
formatting back to the way it's supposed to be I get the same error - that's
its currently open by someone else. This is not the case, we made sure noone
else is in the document. So we can not save the changes to the template. It
will only lets us save it with a new file name - which I think means we'd
have to go in and reattach our entire office master to the newly named
template??? Help!!!

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