Saving .dot or .dotx to .docx


Cindy H.

I have one user that has saved a .dot or .dotx template to a .docx document
Save As and changing the file type. While working on the saved .docx
document, Word is locking up and asking to send an error report to Microsoft.

Not knowing much about Word templates, is the way she is saving it from a or .dotx to .docx the problem? Can templates be changed to regular
documents by saving them and changing the file type? Thank you for your
assistance. Cindy

Stefan Blom

Are you saying that the user is opening the template as a document (via the
Open dialog box) and then saving as a document (*.docx)? That certainly
isn't how templates are supposed to be used. You should double-click the
template file (or use the New dialog box) to create an unnamed document
based on the template.

Having said that, I don't know a general issue with template files that
would cause crashes in Word. I would assume that the template file is
corrupt and recreate it. See also

Herb Tyson [MVP]

Even though that's not the prescribed method for using templates, saving a
dotx as a docx (or even vice versa) works fine and should not be causing
issues. It does sound like an unrelated corruption issue.

Stefan Blom

My thoughts exactly, which may not have been 100% clear from my previous

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

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