Get selected word documents from user's choice and merge those documents as a single doc file

Jul 26, 2015
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We have 15 word docx files stored in c:\docs folder named "a1.docx, a2.docx, a3.docx...a15.dox " I have created a word file to get user's choice through 15 checkboxes displayed (with file name). I have named the bookmark of each checkbox as "a1, a2, a3...a15". The user may select any 2 or more documents from the list of documents displayed by ticking the check box.

Can anybody help with a macro to merge selected documents only in the current document itself?

Searching the net, got sample vba macro code to merge all the documents in a particular folder as a single file. I want to merge only selected documents from the list.
sample screen.png


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