MS Word 2007 .dotx can not remember Password protection on re-open



My MS Word 2007 .dotx file can not remember Password protection on re-open
the same .dotx Document.

My MS Word Vers. is 12.0.6015.5000, run on MSWinXPSP2, both fully Updated.
MS Office run a Compatibility Pack for earlier Office family Software + all
the current Updates for that also (last week)...

I know how to create Template very mutch, I know how to Protect them with
Password, everything for years by now.
The problem is that my MS Word 2007 remember Password on .dot files, .doc
files, .docx files, but it cannot remember it on any created .dotx file ???!!!

I reopen .dotx file, than, one more time, again put the Password in, then
press File - Save, he ask me to save this file as a New file, than I set up
the .dotx format again, and press Save.
After reopening that new .dotx file, my Password is not valid as soon I
prees "Stop Protection" - he just stop protection without asking me a
Password input... ???!!!

Maybe resaving is a problem, but I cannot figured why he asking me to resave
it, this file arrent write protect on my own... The .dot also ask resaving,
but on this format, Password protection works on reopening!!!
Everything works..., just the problem with dotx remembering Password
I also try to read MS Word 2007 New Help, restart my PC, restart MS Word,
and I do that just to be sure that he will reset something in it, to be OK
after... :)
He rather won't to do that, and I was wrong, as I thought so' :-(

Thank everbody in advanced for every usefull Infos & Help here!!!



Doug Robbins - Word MVP

Where are you putting the password?

I do not think that you are going about it the right way.

With the document that you want to save as a dotx file as the active
document, select Save As from the items that appear when you click on the
Office button, then from the Save as type pulldown at the bottom of the Save
As dialog, select Word template (*.dotx) and then from the Tools pulldown at
the bottom left of the Save As dialog, select General Options and enter the
password that you require be applied to the document - either to open it, or
to modify it. Then click on OK following which you will be asked to confirm
the password, do that and then click on OK again and then finally click on
Save in the Save As dialog.

If you follow those steps, you WILL need to supply the password.

Hope this helps.

Please reply to the newsgroup unless you wish to avail yourself of my
services on a paid consulting basis.

Doug Robbins - Word MVP


Than You for your quickest Answer.
I didn't believe that it will be so fast :)
Maybe for few days, but you really surprise me in a good way :)

Well, this one is helping, but...

Actually I create a MEMO. Normally, I put in a Header: logo and the name of
the Subject, and in a Footer: number of pages, the Adress, phone number, etc.
In the middle I want that everbody can modified ANYTHING.
Just, that Header and Footer be locked. The main reason for lockement is,
that I do not want that people accidently remove the logo, name, adress,
So, I just want to let anybody that can make everithing in the main part of
the page.
So' my plan was to create a Password Protected Template and let people to
reopen it and save it to a normall .doc or .docx every single time, as they
open a New Document (Template). Again, Header and Footer must be locked,
everything else must be fully editable (abilit to input Objects, Pictures,
text, etc...
Thank You once again if you can work it out...




On my procedure, I first create in MS Word 2007 an empty "New Document" (.doc),
than create a Header and Footer in it, and put the infos and the logo in
them, than go to Review – Protect Document – Restrict Formatting and editing
Window – Edition Restrictions – Allow only this type of editing in the
document: No changes (Read only), but I put exceptions (Optional) on Everyone
(I select the all area of the Document, except Header and Footer to be fully
editable), and than Start enforcement with Password (without any needed User
Than I put Save as .dot or .dotx.
I open again my .dot or .dotx and I was needed to put again the same above
Password, because they didn't memorize it.
Than I reopen .dot – he memorize the Password, but the .dotx newer memorized
the Password – Why, I do not know… (?)

After all that, I try to write a text in the area of the Document that I
allow everyone to be fully editable – this was not fully editable: Underline
not work, Insert Picture, Graph, etc. … not work…


Right now, You provide me a Web link with a proper Code.
Well, this is great, because I think that this is finally bingo for me!

Never the less, I didn't think that I need some extra Code for this of me
special needing for my Memo that I want to create and finish…
I always think that this ability is fully available and easy to setup in
Microsoft Word it self, just right in a Restrict Formatting and Edit window,
and all that same here in MS Word 2007…

Now, there is only few problems for me with this Code solution:

a) I simply cannot figure where I need to put this Source code.
Do I need to create "New Document" in MS Word 2007, than create Header and
Footer in it first, before the input the Source code in that Document or what.

b) After all that, do I do well, if I Save as this "New Document, at the end
of the process as .dot or .dotx?

c) And where I need precisely to Copy – Paste this Source Code in that New
Document. That is puzzleing for me the most!

d) After pasting the Source Code, does he will be always seen as a text in
the Document or what – I figure that he cannot be seen, what is actually I
want (do not be seen…)?

Once more I need to say to You, a very great thanks for all the help that
you provide to me with my specific Memo creation problem.

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