"is locked for editing" on a network share



Hello, I have a user that is using Windows XP SP3 and Excel 2003. The
workstation is on a domain and the user is logged in with his domain account.
He is mapped to a shared folder on a server. He is trying to access an Excel
file that is in the network folder. However, he gets the message that says
"Filename is locked for editing" by "His user".

So it says it is locked by himself. I have tried the following
troubleshooting steps and still have the problem.

1. I had him disconnect the network drive and then remap it.

2. He has tried rebooting.

3. I deleted the temporary files in c:\docs and settings\userfolder\Local

4. I checked the task manager and there are no excel processes running.

5. I went into Computer Management - Shared Folders - Open Files. I found

Unfort, I do not have access to the server that hosts this shared folder.
Now, is there anything I can do on his workstation to unlock this file?


Are you sure that he is not logged on via someone else's PC to the

try having him logout and asking the system admin to see if still has
any open sessions running on the server.

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