Document "locked for editing' in Word 2000 - how to unlock (or delete!)



When attempting to tab-to a tab in a table cell (something I always forget
how to do!) Word bombed on me, leaving the document locked. Subsequent
attempts to open the document give a File in Use pop-up, with the options to
open it Read Only, Notify, or Cancel, and the message
"<document name.doc> is locked for editing
by 'another user'.
Click 'Notify to open a read-only document and
receive notification when the document is no longer in use."
I have saved the document under a new name, which is fine - I can edit the
new one and save it - but I'm still left with the original file which I
can't edit, or (more importantly) move or delete. Can anyone tell me how to
remove the lock? I'm on a home PC - there's no network or supervisor, and I
should have all privileges.

Thanks in advance for any clues you can give me.


Tony ("ii", not ayeaye in email addr if you want to reply direct)


CANCEL THAT RQ! I *did* look in the ng before posting (honest!) and didn't
find the answer, but on looking again after posting this - there the answer
was (Message-id: <[email protected]>)

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