.xls is locked for editing. Really strange.



Situation : Windows XP Sp2 clients with Office 2003 Sp2 and Samba Domain:
(running Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 3 with Taroon Update 7)

On a random share are some XLS documents opened with Excel 2003.
When I open for example document.xls with user “X†(username filled in in
Excel General Options > User name) user “Z†cant open the document because
the document is locked.
Normally the username of the user who has the document open will show up,
when you try to open a document which is already opened.

But in this case, the username shown in “Document.xls is locked for editing
by random name†isn’t really the person who has the document open, it shows
the username who LAST SAVED the document, or in some cases, the user who has
last opened the document.

For example: Document.xls, last saved and closed by user “X†(shown in the
properties of the document) is being opened by user “Y†(also shown “Y†in
EXCEL user options). User “Y nor saves or closes the document, just opens it.
When user “Z†now tries to open the document, a message wil appear:

“ File in Use “
“document.xls is locked for editing by “Xâ€

But user “Y†has the document open, not user “X†…

This is really frustrating some people here, because they don’t know who
really has the document open.

Anyone familiar with this situation ?
For more info please ask.

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