Divelements brings to market SandDock for WPF



For Immediate release

Divelements brings to market SandDock for WPF
Dockable window, tabbed document and MDI functionality for Windows
Presentation Foundation

Dorset, United Kingdom - April 2007, Divelements Ltd announces the
release of SandDock for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
SandDock brings advanced window management to your applications,
making it easy to deal with multiple documents and views in your
software by supporting techniques like docking, tabbing and floating
for each window. Smooth animations and intuitive window switching with
optional Tab-3D make this easily the best window management solution

Feature Summary

Dockable Windows - Windows are dockable within the main container. The
user can drag them to any side of the container to create complex
groupings of windows, arranged in the most logical fashion for the
task at hand.

Collapsed Groups - When a window is docked inside a container, it can
be "unpinned", where it collapses down to a small tab representation
of itself at the side of your container. Smooth animations are used.

Tabbed Documents - If your application is document-oriented you will
likely want to take advantage of the tabbed document interface (TDI)
support in SandDock.

Multiple Document Interface - Windows Presentation Foundation does not
provide an MDI implementation in the platform. SandDock addresses this
with its own MDI implementation.

Floating Windows - When a window is dragged from its location to a
space on the desktop not recognised at another dock location, the
window can be floated. Intuitive docking hints guide the user while a
docking operation is in progress.

Tim Dawson, Technical Director and Owner of Divelements, said: "This
is a fantastic new product, enabling the same kind of windowing
functionality that our existing SandDock for Windows Product enables
for that platform, but with many new features we were able to
incorporate because of the new framework. Features like Vista-style 3D
flipping between windows, smooth animated transitions and MDI support
all build on top of the robust and simple API we created for dockable
windows and documents. Creating a flexible window layout in your
application has never been easier."

Pricing and Availability
A fully functional 30-day evaluation copy is available from

SandDock for WPF is priced at $169 per developer, with tiered pricing
available for purchases of multiple licenses.

Screenshot - http://www.divelements.co.uk/net/controls/sanddockwpf/demoapplication-vista.png

About Divelements
Divelements is an established supplier of quality user interface
components targeted primarily at the Microsoft .NET platform. We pride
ourselves on providing solid, robust components that take full
advantage of the rich designer capabilities offered by Visual Studio.
Our products are recognized across the industry as offering the rich
features demanded by complex applications while retaining a simple,
easy to use API and lightweight redistributables.

For More Information, Press Only:
For more information, Press Only: Fiona Blake, Divelements,
(e-mail address removed) Web: http://www.divelements.co.uk

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