How to create windows MDI that acts like VS 2005 IDE?



I'd like to create a windows MDI in VS 2005 C# that will allow child windows
to have the same options and behave similarly to those within the Visual
Studio 2005 development environment.
1. In VS, if you right-click on any window, you can select between
"Floating", "Dockable", "Tabbed Document", "Auto Hide", and "Hide". How can
I get my child forms to provide these options - Are there such properties for
child forms already available, or would I have to code every single event
(e.g. if Tabbed Document is right-clicked from a child form then create
another tab and put all of the info from that child form onto the tab, etc.).

2. In VS when you choose to open additional windows, all open windows are
automatically docked together and stay docked even when resized (seemingly
within splitcontainerpanels but I cannot figure out how to add forms to
splitcontainerpanels). Any idea how to accomplish the same affect in C#?

Much thanks!

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