Will WPF succeed CAB/SCSF?


Ronald S. Cook

I'm just learning CAB/SCSF and it seems pretty complex.

I'm also wondering, though, if Windows Presentation Foundation (WFP) will
make CAB/SCSF obsolete in the future (i.e. that it would have been a waste
to implement CAB/SCSF anyway if we could wait for WPF).

Of course I have no idea what I'm talking about because I don't even know
what WPF does yet.

Thanks for any information,


WPF is not the same thing as CAB and SCSF.

WPF is like Windows Forms on graphics steroids, used for graphics type of
applications. It lets you imbed video and graphics into your application.
And it appears that Microsoft is investing in WPF as the future, not
Windows Forms. WPF applications look and feel a lot like the new Office
ribbon, and even Vista itself. In fact, I've seen several Vista Gadgets
that were developed in WPF.

I've never been a big fan of CAB/SCSF because it seems like it's a layer
between what I end up writing and the actual software. I've always wondered
what would happen if there was a huge revision in the language and all my
stuff was written in CAB. Would there be some kind of converter, or would I
have to rewrite everything? Besides, I've always had control issues, so I
like to handle my own stuff. ;-)

Hope this helps.
Robin S.

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