distribution list from received emails



We have received over 400 emails in response to a question we had asked. We
want to send an email response to each person that answered, but would like
to do it all at once. Not "reply" to each individual email. Should we be
putting these emails into a distribution list? Seems like there should be an
easier way to do this.
We are newbies.

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

We would need more information on what you want to accomplish to answer this
question. Things you need to think about is whether you want to save these
addresses in your Outlook database for future use, how you want to reply
(e.g., do you want replies to appear personal or not? Are you willing to
reveal all the addresses of your recipients to the others?)

Outlook is a pretty feeble program when it comes to Contacts Management. For
example it will not allow you to create Contacts from each of these senders
other than one at a time. You would have to use third party software to do
that. Distribution Lists are almost always a poor choice in Outlook because
they are unreliable and work very poorly. Most users employ either separate
Contact subfolders or categories to group their contacts for the purposes of
mass mailings. Compare those two methods here:

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